Jul 20, 2012

Outdoor Activities for Childcare


Most childcare schedules involve children spending at least one hour outside to receive ample time for gross motor activities and fresh air. Sometime, though, the program planning falls away when the children head outside. The following list are ideas for activities to bring outside for childcare children. Try making outdoor bins prepped and ready to go right by the door to outside, or in an outdoor shed. If you only bring out these activities once in awhile, the novelty of the material will not run out.

  • tubs, or your sensory table, brought outside filled with material
  • large building blocks
  • table full of lego or other manipulatives
  • table and chairs filled with paper and pens. This area could turn into an "office" by adding some phones and old computer keypads or a "mail room" by bringing some envelopes and a mailBOX outside.
  • a large bed sheet attached to fence or wall with tempara paint and brushes for a group paint project
  • tents
  • easels for drawing or painting
  • eye hand coordination activities: balls into buckets,  beanbags into hoola hoops
  • bring out music, some dress up clothes and create a stage for concerts. bring out some chairs to make the audience
  • clothespins and clothes to hang laundry
  • bug kits
  • bucket of chalk
  • bubbles
  • create a garden, real or pretend, with containers of dirt and gardening tools for the children to explore
  • blanket and books for viewing
  • have snack outside or music time outside for a schedule change
  • HUNTS: children can be given binoculars (suggestion: made by them with toilet paper rolls), and/or magnifying glasses. The teacher can hide jewels or little animal figures throughout the outdoor area. If the children really like Go Diego Go, the animals work well.
  • GREAT FOR SUMMER WEATHER: buckets with soapy water and rags and sponges. Spray bottles. Bring out children's chairs to clean or other plastic items that need cleaning,  OR buckets with paint brushes and water to allow children to "paint" the climber equipment, fence and so on.
  • GREAT FOR WINTER WEATHER: depending on how cold it gets outside, children can paint on the snow or ice with tempara paint. Playdough molds can be used to make snow molds.
  • big empty boxes brought outside for drama play

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